Ruprecht von Kaufmann – Die Evakuierung des Himmels Soloshow 2018

Where are the gods if not in our heads? Do they walk among us as spectators? What is their relevance? What do our feelings look like? Does my loneliness have the same shape as yours? Is darkness scary or is it soothing like a mothers embrace? (…)
The spectator remains searching, new crossroads appear around every corner. Answers that just seemed obvious and clear vanish into thin air. (…)

For the first time the enigmatic work of Ruprecht von Kaufmann can be seen in a massive solo show featuring nearly 200 works. Weiterlesen …

January 21. – April 2. 2018

Kunsthalle Erfurt

Fischmarkt 7

99084 Erfurt

Tel.: +49 361 655-5660


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