Gruppenausstellung mit A.J.Trojnarski – „DAS ESSZIMMER goes Weltraum“


DAS ESSZIMMER goes Weltraum
June 14 – 16, 2017,
Auf dem Wolf 13, Basel (CH)

Save the Date
Wednesday June 14, 2017 >> starting 9pm – Open End, Opening & Party
Thursday June 15, 2017* >> starting 7pm – midnight
Friday June 16, 2017* >> starting 7pm – midnight

For the 2nd time DAS ESSZIMMER – Space for art+ takes over the Weltraum during the fair Art Basel.
For the now 2nd edition of the 2016 successfully launched art event the invited artists from 2016 become artist-curators.
Angelika J. Trojnarski_PL/GER has been invited by Franziska Furter_CH.
Parallel to Art Basel the Weltraum becomes a platform for exchange, discussion, networking and encounter apart from the familiar art paths and rituals for everybody! The works are not following a special theme but represent the artists current production.

DAS ESSZIMMER – Raum für Kunst+ is a non-profit, artist-run-space, founded 2011 by the artist Sibylle Feucht in Bonn, GER.
Weltraum, operates as an transdisciplinary lab, founded in 2011 by the artist couple stöckerselig in Basel.

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